Game of the Year 2015

As 2015 wraps up, I’ve decided to write up a quick post that’s a small reflection on this years’ titles. Nothing major, because I haven’t even played some of the biggest contenders (such as The Witcher 3, I don’t have the equipment for it). Therefore, I’ve got a much more personal, unexpected candidate, similar to how Terraria was my game of the year in 2013. It’s a choice from the “indie” pool again.

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5 People in the Industry I’d Like to Meet

Why not make a random list highlighting people in the games industry I find awesome? Who knows, maybe they’ll read it one day! Nah, of course, not counting on that, but I still want to showcase a few individuals whose work is extraordinary to me and whom I admire.

5. Daisuke Ishiwatari
This awesome Japanese person is the mastermind behind the Guilty Gear series, pretty much my favorite fighting games. His genius cannot be understated, as he designed some quite amazing, outlandish, and unique characters. What’s more, he’s a great composer, having created a great assortment of tracks for all games, as well as for BlazBlue.
Meeting him would be pretty surreal. I think we’d either sit in a cafe and talk about completely random things or hang around playing Guilty Gear.

4. Hideo Kojima
Does this guy really need introduction, this Metal Gear mastermind? All I can say, from what I can see on his Twitter, we’d go eat something awesome.

3. Mattie Brice
Mattie is a games critic and designer, Mainichi being probably her most known work. Moreover, she champions inclusiveness and equality of non-mainstream folks, like LGBT individuals, as well as their fair representation in our favorite medium. How awesome is that?
Additionally, she was one of the co-founders of re/Action, which is a small gaming publication. Among its goals was not only shedding light on the marginalized, but also fighting for fair compensation to the less-than-stellarly-paid video game journalists. We need more people like her!

2. Patrick Seitz
This guy pops up everywhere. He’s a voice actor in numerous video games and animes. He makes an amazing voice for Ragna the Bloodedge from the BlazBlue series. His voice is perfect for tough, somewhat younger males. For me and my brother, it’s become a game: “where is Ragna going to pop up next?” His voice is so recognizable and so prevalent that even when watching a random Japanese movie, Summer Wars, you can find Seitz in it. I think I would just make this guy do lines all day (although he’s an awful dirty mouth in the newest BlazBlue).

1. Leigh Alexander
It’s hard to describe this video game journalist extraordinaire; it’s even harder to list all the places where she pops up. Gamasutra, Kotaku, Edge, The Atlantic, Slate, Columbia Journalism Review, are just the ones from the top of my head. But more than her overflowing work capacity, I love Alexander’s writing. It’s evocative in its most delicious sense, where everything she writes perfectly captures the emotion. It would be an honor to meet her or talk to her.