What I’ve Been Playing

It’s been forever since I paid attention to Omnomgames. Sometimes I wonder if blogging is worth it at all these days. Everything’s online now — millions of Tweets and Facebook statuses that are like mini blogs show up faster than we can refresh the page. I suppose it’s better to resist that train of thought and turn back before it gets too dark. After all, there’s also writing for the sake of writing.

Leaving Indie Game Magazine was a tough decision, and I’m still not sure what I’m doing right now. I’m loosely “freelancing” but I doubt I can pull that off even remotely close to full-time. Blogging could be an alternative to keep writing random thoughts about games if my career ends up going in a different direction. Which seems quite likely now.

Oh duh, forgot one big thing. My article about Yandere Simulator got published on Playboy! Hell yes.

I’ve picked up a slew of games in the past three weeks. For some reason, I was really eager to try new things.

I highly recommend Grim Dawn, which is still in Early Access. It’s made by the same team which created Titan Quest. I haven’t played TQ, GD is an evolved, improved version. It’s got a great opinion on Steam too, and there’s a big update coming sometime in November.

The game has only 6 classes, called “masteries,” but what you usually end up doing is pairing them up into combinations. Basically, you’ll have two separate skill trees and pour points as you wish. You get three points a level, which you also need to use to increase each classes’ mastery level (the general level of that spec). So my first character ended up an Occultist/Arcanist. I combined pets like a raven and hellhound along with a disease, and I went into the Arcanist tree for the main damaging spell and some defensive skills like frost nova. It’s daunting at first to select two specs, but there should be something for everyone. There’s an assassin-like Nightblade who’s pretty awesome, Shaman, Soldier, and Demolitionist.

I only wish that Grim Dawn had a higher budget and a larger team to give it some amazing triple-A polish. They’ve got something really good going on, they just would really benefit from more resources. You should buy it or tell someone about it.

I also picked up Under Night in Birth Exe: Late, more commonly known as UNIEL (I don’t know if I got the title right). It’s a fighting game by Japanese studio French Bread. It has more of an anime feel than Guilty Gear or Blazblue. I bought it basically for one character, Yuzuriha, despite her very high learning curve. I sort of regret buying the game, but at least it was only $20.

Speaking of regrets, I put down $60 for Fallout 4. Most likely, I’ll be asking for a refund, which I hope they’ll give me because I clocked in just about three hours. I think I would get into the game more if I played it longer, but the menus and the crafting is so daunting, and so boring. I’m already carrying way more stuff than I need. I have so much junk, I don’t know what to do with it. It supposedly breaks down automatically when crafting, but the long lists of items are just such a chore to manage and read. I think more than half the game can be spent in menus and building. I don’t know if I’m just being cranky, but it feels like the worst parts of Skyrim, but heightened (managing menus).

That’s about it for now, I just wanted to do a quick rundown of the recent games. Make sure you take a look at Grim Dawn! It’s excellent.


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