Black Disk #2: Risk of Rain Soundtrack

blackdiskriskofrain Black Disk is a segment where I examine some awesome music from a video game. 

This time we’re looking at Risk of Rain, an impressive indie rogue-like in space. But we won’t be talking about the challenging gameplay or any of the cool classes – we’ll listen to the tunes produced by the amazing Chris Christodoulou. The first track, that you should have playing now, is “Chanson d’Automne..”

I enjoy this one especially for the chill start. It’s perfect for that feeling of wonder and exploration, and gradual involvement as you start to encounter more monsters and see more of the map. All of his tracks actually just make you think, naturally. But this one is perfect for a setup before the bigger fights and bosses. What’s also really interesting is the breakdowns in tune and rhythm that happen in the later part. If you read the YouTube comments, Chris states that all the little glitches that happen in the track have meaning and relate thematically to the rest of the soundtrack.

25.3°N 91.7°E – coordinates are the name of this song, and other than pointing at a specific place, they imply travel, adventure. This piece pretty much always plays in the underwater stage, and it fits so well in regards to those themes. I don’t particularly fancy that level, but I do like the song that goes along.

Now this is my favorite piece, and it’s one of the fan favorites, unsurprisingly. It’s at the last stage, and I just love it so much. It mixes moods so well, going from something slower and more thoughtful, until bigger and bigger buildups that admit an effect of grandeur, better than any other track before it. In one, simple world, you can say it’s “epic.”

Chris said this about the track: “It’s the favorite of a lot of people. I think it also has to do with it being used in the final level. It gives this kind of emotional attachment with the game, which you’re finishing. I think it really has to do with that also.”

For more on his awesome music and his inspirations, check out my Q&A with him over at IndieGameMag.


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